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Apex Learning is an Online High school that offers online classes through its website apexvs.com. With the various options that it offers, students can retake a credit or supplement their home school program as well as complete an Advanced Placement course. They can start their courses at any time of the year. Since the courses are taught online students can access these courses 24/7 and do not have to wait for a school term to enlist or complete a course.


Apex Learning with its website apexvs.com offers the students four ways in which they can reach their goals and instruction appropriate to the level they choose. The students can choose from Advanced Placement, Honors, Core or Literacy advantage. The teachers who teach these courses are well experienced and have over 9 years in online teaching experience. When you enroll in one of the courses the teachers get to know you and can give one on one support.

The online courses at apexvs.com are NCAA approved. This means that if an athlete misses regular classes due to his training, he can still fulfill NCAA eligibility requirements by taking the courses online with Apex Learning. The flexibility of the schedule for these courses means that these athletes can take the classes at their convenience even with a rigorous training schedule.

At apexvs.com., you can even partake in the summer school classes to complete your credits. With the courses being online and since you can do them on your schedule, you could even be vacationing and still be able to complete the course and get your credit. The level of instruction is the same whether it be regular courses or summer school and the parents can count on the integrity of the teachers.

To enroll for a course in Apex Learning you need to go to their online catalog and choose the course you want to complete. Here you will also get the price for the course. If you so wish Apex Learning also has a Full Time Private School option. Enrollment consists of being enrolled for at least one semester course and these enrollments are accepted on a continual basis. A semester course at apexvs.com consists of one week of orientation and 17 calendar weeks of instruction. Though summer semesters consist of half week of orientation and 8 weeks of instructions. To be able to do a course online with Apex Learning there are a few Hardware and software requirements that you will need to have on your computer. You can get more information about these requirements by either calling them at 1 800 453 1454 or by contacting the support team or by emailing them at Support@apexlearning.com.

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