Logging in to lava.apexvs.com

Apex Learning is an online school that incorporates classroom and virtual learning methods to provide a better learning experience. If you are enrolled in the educational services offered by the institution, you can visit lava.apexvs.com to access your user account, schedules, and learning progress. Going to the website will lead you to a log-in page that requires your username and password.

Enrolling in Apex Learning

To enroll a course in Apex Learning, you need to visit the school website and view the available courses of the academic year. You can ask for assistance using the email and contact number provided in the course catalog page. Before the start of the semester, students will have an orientation about the things they need to accomplish. In the orientation, students receive their log-in information in lava.apexvs.com to view their account information and progress.

Some subjects require preliminary tests before accomplishing the enrollment process. Reading materials, whether they are required or not, can only be purchased through the Apex Learning bookstore.

Signing in Apex Learning

Visiting lava.apexvs.com will get you into a log-in page. Simply put the username and password assigned to you to enter the website. If you’re using a new computer, you have to click the ‘Run System Check-up’ first before logging in the website. This will allow you to browse the website without any problems or web script and plug-in errors.

Requirements to Access Apex Learning Digital Curriculum:

• The Internet connected must be good enough to browse the Internet without having longer page loading times. If there are many Internet users sharing the connection, it’s best to have the enough bandwidth that can sustain faster connections.
• Make sure to allow these websites in firewalls and content filters installed in your computer – lava.apexvs.com, apexlearning.com, apexvs.com, and correlation.edgegate.com.
• Apex Learning is a website that supports HTTP 1.1. This protocol is recommended, but you can use others without having any problems.
• Make sure that your web browser has an Adobe Reader 6.0 plug-in, Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher, and Sun Java 1.5 or higher.

If you have forgotten your login password, you can simply click the ‘reset password’ link. Doing this will lead you to a webpage where you have to put your username. Then, your password will be emailed in your email address.

Being able to monitor your progress or schedule is definitely a must in virtual school. If you’re enrolled in Apex Learning, you can visit lava.apexvs.com to know more about your course, schedules, progress, and tests.

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